“The Stand up For Kindness Crew worked closely with my 6th grade students to help them understand the causes and effects of bullying. They emphasized the power that students have to stop and prevent bullying. I am grateful for this program and believe it will transform my students from Bystander to Upstander.”

Susan Webster, 6th grade teacher

Aspen Community Magnet School

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“The message is powerful and so needed for my students. Debra brought students from the St. Michael’s SWAT team to share with the children, which brought even credibility to the information. The way the material was presented was so engaging. The students were able to participate in various portions of the presentation, while they were learning. I firmly believe that not only is “good” for the students in today’s classes, but extremely necessary. The student’s learn understand how importance of this in all their interactions.” – Teacher, DeVargas Middle School

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