Staff training

Length: Staff meetings to all day trainings:IMG_0653

  • Creating a culture of kindness and respect
  • Being part of Kindness Crew
  • Moving from Bystander to Upstander
  • Understanding dynamics of bullying behavior
  • What is my part in this change?
  • Empowering strategies to use with students


Stand up for kindness utilizes an exciting peer mentoring method of youth inspiring youth.

High School

In Santa Fe I work with SWAT (Student Wellness Action Teams) as the kindness crew. They go into middle school classes and give Stand Up For Kindness: Bystander to Upstander presentations. They inspire the students to take a broader look at what is happening at their schools regarding how people treat each other. They help the students understand the dynamics of bullying. They talk about their favorite Upstanders. They invite the students to move from Bystander to Upstander using role plays and presenting strategies. They finish with asking everyone to take the Kindness Pledge.


Middle School

High school SWAT students as the Kindness Crew deliver Stand up For Kindness: Bystander to Upstander Presentations.

“The message is powerful and so needed for my students. Debra brought students from the St. Michael’s SWAT team to share with the children, which brought even credibility to the information. The way the material was presented was so engaging. The students were able to participate in various portions of the presentation, while they were learning. I firmly believe that not only is “good” for the students in today’s classes, but extremely necessary. The student’s learn understand how importance of this in all their interactions.”

Genie Griego, 7th grade teacher, DeVargas Middle School

Debra Bryant can also deliver Stand Up For Kindness: Bystander to Upstander lessons in middle school.

Elementary school

Debra Bryant works with the 6th grade (or 5th grade if that is the oldest in the school)
The students become the Kindness Crew. In small groups they work on presentations about their favorite Upstanders.They go into every class in school giving Stand Up for Kindness : Bystander to Upstander presentations. They present on their Upstander. The talk about what does it mean to be kind. They do role plays to show moving from bystander to Upstander. They invite everyone take the Kindness pledge.

Early prevention

Stand Up For kindness believes that early childhood is ripe for pro social education.
Pre K – 6th grade: Stand up For Kindness uses songs, puppet shows and role plays to help students understand important social emotional skills such as empathy, emotion control, problem solving and taking a stand for self and others.