Vision Statement

Stand Up for Kindness is an initiative to remember the power of Kindness. We are inviting everyone to take a stand together so we can foster schools and community where all are treated with respect.

This stand up for kindness song is written and sung by the kindness crew in Ms. Sena’s fifth grade class at Sweeny Elementary.

“My passion is to help foster schools where everyone feels safe, valued and respected so teachers can teach and students can learn.

Stand Up For Kindness invites us all to move from bystander to Upstander: taking a stand for ourselves and others in the face of unkindness, bullying, injustice so we can create a culture of Kindness in which everyone thrives.

Stand Up For Kindness teaches Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to elementary school children. SEL is a combination of skills, attitudes and behaviors that promote  student success in both school and Life. The foundation of SEL is Empathy.

An investment in Stand Up for Kindness is an investment in our children’s present and future.”

Debra Bryant
Executive Director