Stand Up for Kindness is a community-wide bullying prevention initiative to remember the power of kindness. This initiative began as a collaboration of the Santa Fe Public Schools, the Santa Fe Interfaith Leadership Alliance and the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Deanery. Stand Up for Kindness encourages children and adults to shift from Bystander to Upstander.

Bullying is a serious problem impacting the children of Santa Fe County. The 2012 SFPS Health and Wellness Survey reported that 48% of 7th graders and 38% of 9th graders have experienced bullying in the past year. There is a significant impact to the emotional well-being of those who are targeted and those who are bullied. A key component of any best practice bullying prevention program is to engage the Bystander (someone who stands by and watches) to become “Upstanders” who have the courage in the face of injustice, bullying and unkind behaviors to take a stand for self and others. By taking a positive approach (standing up for kindness) we believe that we can motivate children and adults to step up and stop bullying in our community.